Tis the season for holiday parties and family gatherings. Are you dreading another office break-room bash or awkward family get together?  Take your party to an escape room for a unique holiday experience! Escape Rooms are great options for holiday parties because they encourage bonding and teamwork, create lasting memories for employees, family, and friends, and provide a unique way to get out of the office or your house and have fun!

Why Should I Choose an Escape Room for my Holiday Party?

We’ve all been there before, the sad corporate break room “party” with everyone standing around talking shop and counting the minutes until they can leave. Or, sitting in a family members living room staring at each other trying to avoid politics or playing yet another round of cards. These events will take the holiday spirit from ho-ho-ho! to ho-ho-no! fast. Shake things up this year with an escape room! So, why choose an escape room for this years holiday gathering?

Escape Rooms Encourage Team-Building. An escape room is a perfect place to take your employees for a holiday party because they seamlessly facilitate natural team-building. Holiday parties are meant to boost employee morale , and encourage relationship growth outside of the day-to-day work of your team. Do your employees need to work on their communication skills? An escape room provides the perfect space for a second chance at group dynamics, by putting your employees in a new space, and immersing them in a situation that isn’t work-related.

Go to an Escape Room & Escape your Break Room. Break rooms were never meant to make memories. Show your employees how much you appreciate them by treating them to time that is actually out of the office. Your employees will not only enjoy themselves more, but they will also be more relaxed, less likely to talk shop and more likely to truly socialize and connect.

Escape Rooms Help you Break your Routine. Does your family do the same thing for the holidays each year? Switch it up this year! Escape your house and try an escape room. Escape rooms provide a new and fun setting that encourages family bonding, creates lasting memories, and breathes new life into your relationships. Make an escape room your new holiday tradition!

Escape Rooms Help You Get Creative. Don’t worry about the perfect decorations or finding the perfect theme. At an escape room, all you need to do is show up! You can also encourage your employees or family to dress-up to fit the theme of the escape room to really make things fun.

What to Look for When Choosing an Escape Room for a Holiday Party

Occupancy. How many people can be in an escape room at once? Most escape rooms can accommodate 8 – 10 people. If you have a larger group there are a couple options for you to consider:

Create a little healthy competition. You could break into teams and take turns at the same room and see who can conquer it faster.

Book more than one room. Most escape room facilities have more than one room. Talk to your group and see which experiences they would be most interested in, and book accordingly.

Holiday Themed Rooms. Look for an escape room that has a holiday-themed room for extra festiveness. 417 Escape Artist has a brand new holiday-themed experiences each year!

Personalization. Does the escape room allow you to add a personal touch to the experience? We do! We can hide gifts and even personalize clues.

Are you ready to take your holiday party to the next level? Contact 417 Escape Artist today, to learn more about our holiday parties, and to book an experience that you and your group will never forget!

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