There are a lot of unknowns when you are preparing for your first escape room experience or even your fiftieth. All escape rooms are different, which adds to the fun and mystery, and is a key reason why escapers get addicted to trying as many escape rooms as possible. 

Whether you are an escape room newbie or a seasoned veteran, there are some tips and tricks to heighten your escape room experience and help you feel more prepared to conquer the world of escaping. 

Leave no stone unturned.

When your time starts, don’t hesitate to look everywhere. Open drawers, flip through books, look behind picture frames. You never know where you might find an important clue, so don’t be afraid to make yourself at home and look through anything and everything. Some clues can be hidden in plain sight, while others are nestled in an out of the way place. We only ask that escapee’s don’t break anything, mess with electrical outlets, or lift ceiling tiles. There will never be anything hidden in the ceiling, we promise!

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Working through an escape room with your family, friends, or coworkers is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of trying an escape room. While you are working through your room, remember that two heads are better than one. Sometimes a tricky clue needs another set of eyes. Here are some tips on working together as a group: 

We recommend breaking into smaller teams to tackle different clues, and to encourage input from everyone. Listen to your group’s ideas, and try any ideas that might seem out of the box. Breaking into smaller teams helps you avoid all getting stuck on the same problem.

Call out what you see. If you see something that might be helpful with a clue, later on, yell it out! That way the whole group will have in on their minds later when that clue can help.

Think outside the box.

Have you ever heard of lateral thinking? Lateral thinking is a way of solving problems through a creative lens or a nontraditional approach. This is the mindset that you need to have when working through an escape game. While trying to escape, you’ll need to think both mechanically and creatively. How do objects in the escape room fit together? You’ll also need to think creatively. What is the plot of the story? What even would make the most sense in the sequence?

Pro tip: make sure to listen carefully to your game master before entering the escape room. You never know if they’ll slip some helpful clues! 

Be patient and persevere.

We can’t say this enough, don’t let yourself, or your team, get stuck on one clue. It’s all too easy to fixate on a particular clue that you can’t figure out. But before you know it, your time’s up, and you haven’t made any progress. When you get stuck, move on. Let your brain focus on something else, and you might just get the answer you were looking so hard for. An hour might seem like a long time, but it’s not when you’re in the heat of the game. Patience and a positive attitude have a significant impact on your escape room experience. 

When you get stuck, don’t be embarrassed to ask for hints! We give hints for a reason. We want you to be able to move on and have fun! 

Have fun and happy escaping!

It might be cheesy, but seriously, have fun! Don’t take your escape too seriously. Even if you aren’t able to escape the room, you can still have a lot of fun and learn some helpful tactics for your next adventure.

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