Queen City Express Escape Room: Springfield

Your Mission:

Wanted: Victor Fox

Crime: Grand theft

Infamous treasure thief and self-proclaimed ‘Heist Man’ Victor Fox has been at it again. This time, he has stolen a rare, priceless jewel from right under the nose of powerful business tycoon Charles Waltmire – and there is nothing Waltmire will stop at to get that jewel back. Waltmire’s secret informants have tracked down Fox and his gang to a private train car rolling on the Queen City Express.

You and your infiltration team have been specially selected by Charles Waltmire to retrieve his precious jewel before it is sold and lost forever. With the help of some special insider access on the Queen City Express, you find yourself directly inside the train cart where Victor Fox is planning to meet with a high-profile potential buyer. While Fox and his gang are in a secret strategy meeting a few train cars away, you have just one hour to devise a plan to get Charles Waltmire’s precious cargo out of this room before Fox returns.

Waltmire’s jewel is so close, yet so far. Can you and your team complete your mission before Fox and his goons come back and get rid of the jewel for good?

Escape Room Details


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You will have one hour to retrieve the jewel and escape the train car before Victor and his gang can derail your plans!