Christmas Dilemma Escape Room: Springfield

Your Mission:

Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa and his elves have worked around the clock to make sure all the little boys and girls on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list can receive their dream presents on Christmas morning.

One late and snowy evening, Santa exited his busy toy workshop to rest and prepare for the next long day of work. Just before he could reach the large, candy-cane-striped door to his office, Santa slipped on an icy step and took a hard tumble onto the ground and into the freezing North Pole snow. The elves rushed out of the workshop to help Santa up, but to their surprise – in addition to the HUGE bump that was forming directly on Santa’s noggin – he also couldn’t seem to remember who he was… or much of anything at all!

With Santa recovering over the next few weeks, the elves had to come up with a foolproof plan before Christmas could be ruined for the season. After a long meeting with Santa’s nine reindeer, Mrs. Claus, and the jolly Snowman, everyone on the North Pole Emergency Committee voted to select you and your team to fly to the North Pole to find a way to finish Santa’s work on the ‘Naughty and Nice’ list.

Can you successfully complete your mission to save the holidays before the elves have to erase your memories and get you back home in time for Christmas?

Escape Room Details


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You will have just one hour to save Christmas before Santa’s elves have to give you a cup of cocoa to erase the memory of this mysterious and magical North Pole mission forever!